Dasuma Radio Ltd, through its CEO and Management of the station, has successfully organised another exciting and hugely patronised Iftar for listeners of the station.

Iftar is the meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast after sunset during Ramadan. The CEO of Dasuma Radio Ltd, Alhaji Baba Osman Daney, for the past three (3) years, has been providing financial and logistical support to the station to be organising the event every year.

The aim is to provide an interface between the station and its listeners to interact and bond. Its also aimed at bringing all the various sects and Muslim Clerics who preach on the platform together, thereby strengthening and fostering harmonious relationship among them.

This year’s event turned out to be highly successful, with hundreds of listeners converging at the premises of Dasuma Radio where the event took place to grace the occasion.

There were lots of food and drinks such as Jallof, Plain Ruce with light soup as well as locally prepared drinks of all kinds that are in high demand. Different varieties of dates and fruits were served at the event. The menu was carefully prepared to suit the dietary requirements of everybody hence there was joy, satisfaction and excitement from the enthusiastic and highly respected guests.

Top Muslim Clerics from withing and outside Yendi from the various sects, Political leaders, Representatives of the NPP and NDC, youth groups, business community, and the members of the general public were in attendance.

Alhaji Ibrahim, Imam of Kasoa, on behalf of the Imams and Muslim Clerics at the event, prayed for Allah’s continues and blessings for Alhaji Baba Osman Daney, management and staff of the station for the sacrifice and generosity. Adding that the exceptional love and patriotism Alhaji Baba Daney continues to show to the good people of Yendi through his innovative ideas won’t go in vain. That Allah will reward him according. He therefore encouraged him to continue with his philanthropic work by giving back to society through these wonderful events.

Alhaji Baba Daney on his part was thankful to all those who took time off their busy schedules to take part in the annual event and assured them that the annual iftar has come to stay so long as he’s still alive. He was optimistic that the station would continue to enjoy the support of its cherished listeners since that is paramount for the growth and development of the station.