Students of the Yendi Senior High School in Yendi in the Northern Region have cried over poor conditions of the girls’ dormitories, which pose serious threats to lives and properties.

Some of the students who spoke to Dasuma Radio News Team on condition of anonymity, said some parts of the dormitories especially the roofs and ceilings are in a deplorable state to the extent it’s no longer safe for them to stay during the rainy season. Adding that, the recent rains before the full season begin have exposed how badly the structural integrity of the roofing has been comprised.

“Some of the roofs and ceilings are damaged, and we can’t stay in some of the dormitories, especially the last floor of the storey building”.

The students added that two rooms on the last floor have been abandoned because they can no longer stay in those rooms.According to the students, the school authorities are aware of the conditions of the building for more than a year now but little is being done to address it.

Dasuma Radio News Team managed to access the affected area of the building and can report on how some of the roofs are damaged and some missing ceilings, cracks on the walls, curled shingles; water stains or leaks in the ceiling; sagging or drooping areas; mold or mildew growth etc.

Efforts were made to speak to the school authorities, which proved futile.

The students made a passionate appeal to the authorities to listen to their concerns by either immediately renovating the building or finding them an alternative shelter.

The students also called on the Hon. Member of Parliament, Municipal Chief Executive and the Old Students Association of the school to come to their aid.