The Dombo Foundation Ghana Recognizes Alhaji Baba Daney’s Outstanding Contributions to Yendi Constituency.The Dombo Foundation Ghana is proud to recognize the exceptional efforts of Alhaji Baba Daney, a distinguished community leader, philanthropist, and chartered accountant by profession, from Yendi Constituency.

Through his tireless dedication and selflessness, Alhaji Baba Daney has made significant contributions to the development and unity of the region, improving the lives of countless individuals and families.Alhaji Baba Daney’s remarkable achievements include:- Establishing Dasuma Radio, the first FM radio station in Yendi, which has become a vital source of information, entertainment, and education for the local community.- Spearheading initiatives to promote youth development through sports and games, fostering unity and healthy competition among young people.- Providing essential support to farmers and underprivileged individuals, helping them overcome challenges and improve their livelihoods.- Championing education and ensuring that every child in the region has access to quality learning opportunities.As a chartered accountant, Alhaji Baba Daney has brought his financial expertise to bear in his community development efforts, ensuring that resources are managed efficiently and effectively to benefit the people of Yendi Constituency.The Dombo Foundation Ghana is honored to acknowledge Alhaji Baba Daney’s outstanding contributions to Yendi Constituency. His commitment to development, unity, and empowerment embodies the values of our foundation and inspires us to continue working towards a brighter future for all Ghanaians.We congratulate Alhaji Baba Daney on his remarkable achievements and express our deepest gratitude for his selfless service to the people of Yendi Constituency.Long live, Baba Daney .Long live, The Dombo Foundation Ghana.Long live, Yendi.